International Vipassana Meditation Center at Wat Sopharam

Welcome to the International Vipassana Meditation Center at Sopharam temple


Know what you want by discovering who you are


Mindful of Body and Mind at the Present Moment


Every day of your life, strive to improve yourself

When a problem becomes only a challenge for your mindfulness, it ceases to be a problem.
– Ajahn Puttar –


          Wat Sopharam is located at No. 1 Ban Ton Kok, Village No. 9, Ban Kad Sub-district, San Pa Tong District. Chiang Mai Province under the Maha Nikaya Sangha The temple land has an area of ​​2 rai 1 ngan 60 square wa. The boundary is approximately 3 lines 70 wa north. Join the public forest about 3 lines south, 10 wa, join the road of the Department of Highways. To the east, about 3 lines, 10 wa, bordering the Thammasat Monastery and the forest. West about 3 lines 10 watake note at private garden There are 2 plots of monasteries with an area of ​​18 rai and 60 square wah. a sermon hall, a monk’s residence, a sacred object, and a pagoda, which the villagers call Phra That Chiang Lom

         Wat Sopharam was built around 1782 by a Buddhist monk from Thai Yai. who traveled from Chiang Lom (Myanmar) to build a temple formerly known as Wat Ton Kok In the provincial register that the temple was established on April 24, 1863

Sopharam temple