- Reservation Office -

Required documents for the meditation retreat

Your valid passport and visa. ( Hand in your passport to the reception, and retrieve it after yor return your keys )

Application from to confirm your reservation.

Arrival procedure

  1. Contact the staff at the reception.
  2. State your name and hand in your passport.
  3. The passport will be kept at the office during your stay.
  4. Receive your room key and bedding set.
  5. Receive the “Meditator Identification Card ” and the number of the room for your daily report.
  6. Walk to your room,unpack and change clothes into a complete set.


Traveling To Wat Sopharam

Meditation Center at Wat Sopharam provides a place for anyone interested in the Vipassana path to practice and study, and all visitors are always welcome. Those with general queries can email or call, and those who want to visit the monastery can look at our Retreat page.


There is a yellow “bus” that passes around every hour near the Chiang Mai Gate (just go to the Nunu Mini’s Cafe in the corner on the other side of the moat, and walk a bit further to the laundry shop). So it doesn’t pass in an exact time, so maybe at 8:40 o 8:45, and later maybe at 9:30 or 9:45. You need to be there and be ready and fast. Sometimes it doesn’t even stop, it just reduces speed to see if someone is waiting. You can wait in the laundry shop, a bit south to the Nunu Mini’s Cafe (the lady can tell you if the bus just passed), but be ready. It takes more or less an hour to reach the temple. Tell the driver you are heading to Wat Sopharam. The bus will stop there for you. Fare is about 50 Bath.
Go GoogleMaps (18°46’50.7″N 98°59’17.2″E)

Yellow Bus from Chiang Mai to Retreat Center
Taxi to the meditation center


There are several popular taxi app in Thailand that you can use to get a car to the meditation center (Grab, Bolt, and inDrive). You can download both and compare a price to choose the best option for you. The standart price from Chiang Mai city is about 450 Bath.

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Email: vipassana@watsopharam.org

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